Spherical Balls

Igubal spherical balls are maintenance and lubrication free, and are made up from different materials including iglidur W300, J, J4, R, UW and X. They are corrosion resistant, light weight, have high elasticity and high compressive strength. They can be used when dimensional series E and K components should be installed and if different iglidur materials should be tested. They cannot be used if temperatures are higher than 250°C, if dimensions above 50mm are necessary or if rotation speeds higher than 0.5 m/s are required.

Material properties
-iglidur® W300 (Standard) - very wear-resistant material
-iglidur® R - cost-efficient and low coefficients of friction
-iglidur® X - resistant to temperature and chemicals
-iglidur® J - low coefficients of friction and low humidity absorption
-iglidur® UW - suited for underwater applications

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