Fibre Optic Cables (FOC cables)

Chainflex offer a complete range of high flexible Fibre Optic Cables (FOC) for use in energy chains.

Many plant manufacturers or operators have major EMC problems that occur sporadically or even only years later.These problems are often based on conventional bus cables that either have insufficient or unreliable shielding.

Alongside igus® Chainflex® bus cables that already prevent these problems to a large extent, Chainflex® glass fibre optic cables provide further advantages for even greater data safety.

Fibre optic cables (FOC) do not require a braided shielding that is susceptible to mechanical damage as EMC protection, and are insensitive to EMC on account of their very nature, since industrial conventional interference fields do not have any effect on light signals.

The large number of fibre optic cables in industrial data transmission is also much more manageable than the large number of different field or high-speed buses which require a separate cable for each bus.

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