CQ 07 Crimp Connection

The new CQ 07 crimp connection insert from ilme was specifically developed for railways and robotics applications. 


  • High electrical performance with a 400V rated voltage
  • 6kV rated impulse
  • Flexible application
  • Can be used with different contact types (gold, silver and tin plated)
  • Can be mounted in all main enclosure series
  • PE contact with screw terminal makes it fit for metallic enclosures (CKA and MKA series)
  • Inserts supplied with sealing screw ensuring an IP66/IP67 protection rating
  • Dedicated coding pins (CR QF07 and CR QM07) allow to create up to 6 different combinations

CQF 07 female connection 

CQM 07 male connection

Product Name CQ 07 Crimp Connection
Name of Chapter ilme
Name of Sub Chapter Inserts
Brand Name Ilme