Temperature Sensors

Wenglor’s temperature sensors measure and monitor the temperature of liquid and gaseous media in closed systems. They’re distinguished by their compact design, their large measuring ranges and their high levels of accuracy.

weFlux² Temperature Sensors are available with an integrated IO-Link interface or a PT100/PT1000 resistance value. The variant with IO-Link has a measuring range of -50 to +150° C and is distinguished by its variability with regard to combination and configuration of the two sensor outputs. The sensors can be configured in a decentralized fashion and diagnosis data can be queried at any time via the modern interface. The temperature sensors with PT100/PT1000 resistance value are distinguished by a large measuring range of -50 to +200° C.    

UniTemp Temperature Sensors detect temperature changes within a range of 0 to 200° C. Measured values are read out at the large, easy-to-read 7-segment display. The uniform design with intuitive operating and connection concepts is clear-cut and extremely user-friendly. Depending on actual requirements, the sensors can be equipped with either one or two switching outputs, or one switching output in combination with an analog output.

Application examples:

  • Temperature monitoring in brewing processes
  • Monitoring of inlet and return temperatures for solar-thermal energy conversion
  • Temperature control in cheese production
  • Temperature measurement in tempering ovens

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