Incremental Linear Encoders

Magnetic linear encoders scan the north and south poles on the magnetic tape producing a single sine/cosine wave. An interpolation unit processes the information into square output signals, which are compatible with conventional rotary encoders or optical linear measuring systems. The interpolation unit is integrated in the sensor head in an external box or in the D-SUB connector housing. It is resistant to dirt, dust and humidity. For a complete measuring solution, the magnetic linear encoders can easily be matched to ELGO position indicators and controllers.
The product range includes:

  • The standard models LMIX and EMIX are magnetic length measuring systems for angle and linear movements. They are suitable for dynamic operations with a maximum operating speed of 4m/s and the outputs are speed proportional square waves with an additional periodic index pulse (except LMIX1). LMIX1 and EMIX1 include a small sensor head with external interpolation electronic (9-pin D-SUB connector). LMIX2, LMIX22 and EMIX 2 are sensor heads with electronics integrated. The cable output can be located sideways or above and a reference position by permanent magnet is possible. The LMIX22 has a possibility of customized programming of different resolutions.
  • EMIX23 is the high resolution (0.001mm) magnetic length measuring system for angle and linear movements. It is suitable for high precision tasks within the µm range. The cable output can be located sideways or above, and the integration unit that converts the signals into rotary encoder compatible square signals is integrated in the sensor head. It displays a periodic index pulse and the maximum mounting distance to the tape is up to 0.8mm.
  • DMIX1 is the magnetic length measuring system with a maximum measuring distance of 10mm between the sensor and magnetic tape. The sensor technology and the interpolation unit are placed in 2 different housings, and they are robust against pollution.
  • SMIX is the magnetic length measuring system with integrated end position signals and project specific manufactured magnetic tapes for increased security. It consists of a sensor with integrated interpolation unit and a project specific magnetic tape, which is fixed by simple adhesive mounting along the distance that has to be measured. It can also be fixed to a radius, making it suitable for contactless angle or rotary speed measurement, and it can be installed up to a maximum distance of 2mm. It has a factory-adjustable resolution and a repeat accuracy of up to 0.01mm. It is suitable for demanding measurements under extreme conditions including dust, oil, grease, vibration and shock.
  • RMIX2 is the magnetic length and angle measuring system. It integrates sensor technology and interpolation unit in the same housing. The magnetic tape is fixed to a surface with the provided adhesive tape. It is cost effective, can be installed up to a maximum distance of 0.6mm and it is suitable for conditions that involve dust, oil, grease, vibration and shock.
  • EMSC and LMSC are magnetic measuring systems with sine/cosine outputs. EMSC uses a magnetic tape with a pole pitch of 2mm and a 0.8mm distance to magnetic tape. LMSC has a pole pitch of 5mm and a 2mm distance to magnetic tape. Within a single pole a dynamic sine/cosine signal of 1 Vpp is obtained.
  • PMIX is a guided linear measuring system with an integrated incremental sensor. It is wear-resistant and easy to assemble. The magnetic measuring system and magnetic tape are integrated in a mechanical aluminium cylinder and provide optimal guidance. Additional swivel heads and mounting parts are available for an easier installation, and the cylinder is available in three standard lengths of 200mm, 400mm and 600mm.
  • GSI2 is a guided linear measuring system consisting of a sensor head, an interpolation unit, a guiding carriage and a guiding rail with magnetic tape which is available in all lengths up to 1m. It has a resolution up to 0.001mm at 4 edge triggering and is used for applications up to 4m/s operational speed. It is a high quality guiding unit that is easy to install and maintenance and wear free.
Product Name Incremental Linear Encoders
Name of Chapter Measuring Systems and Controllers
Name of Sub Chapter Measuring Systems
Brand Name Elgo

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