Absolute Measuring Systems

Absolute measuring systems offer higher quality, simpler handling and additional security. The absolute encoder supplies the correct absolute value immediately after the power is on, which means that the position remains at the same point, even if the carriage is moved manually when off. It differs from an incremental system as it needs a serial based output interface to transfer the position, rather than square wave signals, real position values must be processed.

The product range includes:

  • LMAX1 is a magnetic measuring system for industrial applications in a horizontal position. It is cost effective, resistant to dirt and dust, and is simple to install. It has an absolute measurement up to 1000m length and a resolution of 1mm.
  • IMAX is the autonomous referencing, absolute, magnetic length measuring system. The absolute code is recognized through a one-time movement after power up. It is possible to detect a measuring length of up to 1000m with a sensor head length of only 50mm. It includes an actual memory to store the absolute position and it is suitable for demanding measurements under extreme conditions including dust, oil, grease, vibration or shock.
  • HIMAX L is a magnetic length measuring system which can be used for measuring tasks up to 8m. The measurement is contact free with a resolution of 0.001mm and it includes additional incremental or sine/cosine signals for highly dynamic drives. It can withstand rough conditions and is resistant to dirt, smoke and humidity.
  • MAX3 is a magnetic length measuring system which is used for operation tracks with measuring lengths under 1m and a resolution of 0.1mm. It is cost effective, easy to install and resistant to dirt, dust and humidity.
  • EMAX2 and EMAX3 are magnetic length measuring systems with distance detection. The sensor is guided above a 2 track encoded magnetic tape with one fine interpolation track and one absolute track. The fine interpolation track with the interpolation electronics has a resolution of 0.01mm and the absolute track supplies an absolute value with a sensor line. EMAX2 consists of a sensor head and magnetic tape. EMAX3 has extreme narrow aluminium housing for special installation solutions.
  • MAX1 is a magnetic length measuring system which is used for various positioning applications in different sectors. It can be installed horizontally and vertically, and the definite position information is set as a magnetic code on the tape. It is extremely robust and is resistant to dust, dirt, humidity, smoke and high temperatures. It can be installed anywhere on the storage service system depending on the given space and it is perfect for retrofitting and modernization due to the small space requirement.
  • FMAX is a guided magnetic length measuring system consisting of a guide rail with integrated magnetic tape and a guide carriage, where the 3 sensors and interpolation unit are placed. It has an extremely high accuracy and guarantees maximum security. The resolution amounts to 0.01mm and has a maximum measuring length of 650mm. It can be used for short operating ranges and offers complete guidance.
  • INAX is an inclinometric measuring system for the inclination angle measurement from 90°C. It is suitable for measuring in rough environments, and it is easy to mount, has high shock resistance and a high resolution of 0.025°. A cost effective version is also available (INAX1) with a resolution of 1°.
Product Name Absolute Measuring Systems
Name of Chapter Measuring Systems and Controllers
Name of Sub Chapter Measuring Systems
Brand Name Elgo

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