Rotative Measuring Systems

Rotative measuring systems include both systems based on magnetic rings and optical encoders. The Magnetic ring systems consist of a bipolar round magnet which is rotated in front of the sensor. They are available in three different techniques including measurement at the front of the shaft, contact-free measurement of the circumference of a magnetic scale and mechanically coupled measurement at a shaft.

The product range includes:

  • Shaft encoders for rotative measurement, working with opto-electric scanning of line discs to create a light and dark change while passing a stroke. They are robust, with housings consisting of solid aluminium rotating parts or die casting. They have speed proportional square wave outputs A and B (rotative direction detection) and permanent short circuit proof push/pull outputs. The dual swivel heads enable a vibration tolerance at high rotary speeds and a precise concentration. They are protected by lock rings and are available in a rubber sealed version. 
  • Magnetic rings are a space saving alternative and are resistant to dirt, dust, liquids and vibrations. They use a contactless and wear free measuring principle that is shock resistant and can be used in rough environments. They are available in three different options including magnetic rings made of hard ferrite, magnetic rings with hollow shaft and elastomer based steel rings.
  • HIMAX R is a magnetic absolute, rotative pulse sensor. It is a combination of a sensor and pole ring and is designed for rotative angle measurements. The measurement is absolute, and it easy to install with the pole ring being mounted directly on the engine shaft or axle. When the sensor shaft is in its sealed version it is resistant to dirt and dust and is completely wear free.
  • RMAX1 is a magnetic absolute, rotative pulse sensor. The positioning element is a round magnet, which detects the angular position contactless in a distance up to 1mm from the sensor housing. It is a single-turn encoder with a small, robust sensor.
  • MIRE1 and MIRE2 are magnetic incremental rotative pulse encoders. They are a combination of a sensor and round magnet and are particularly suited for rotative angle measurement and rotative speed detection. They can be mounted directly on an axis, are resistant to dust and dirt, and are wear resistant. The distance to the magnet may be between 0.2 and 1mm.
  • MAX2 is a magnetic measuring system for rotative movements in absolute measurement. It is extremely robust, resistant to dirt, dust, smoke, high temperatures and humidity.
Product Name Rotative Measuring Systems
Name of Chapter Measuring Systems and Controllers
Name of Sub Chapter Measuring Systems
Brand Name Elgo

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