Magnetic Tape and Guides

Magnetic tapes contain the necessary digital information for a linear length measuring as incremental or absolute coding. Different magnetic tapes are used for incremental or absolute measuring systems, and they also differ regarding the pole pitch. The magnetic tape consists of three components which include a magnetized highly flexible tape, a magnetic conductive and flexible stainless steel tape, and a magnetic permeable cover band for protection purposes. A special pole searcher film is also used to determine the pole pitch and the number of tracks of already installed tapes. End caps are also available for all magnetic tapes.

Guide rail (FS) is available for 10mm and 20mm tape. It is made of aluminium and has a groove on both sides into which the corresponding magnetic tape can be bonded. The rails are available up to maximum lengths of 2m and are already prepared with 4.5mm mounting holes. A cover tape profile (AP) is also available which can be used as an alternative for the cover band. The magnetic tape is bonded without the steel cover band into the groove and is optimally protected.

Guide carriages are an addition to the FS guide rail and consist of a self-lubricating plastic material. These are suitable for the incremental measuring systems including LMIX1, EMIX 1, EMSC1, IZ15, IZ16 (FW2060), LMIX2, EMIX2, LMIX22, EMIX23 (FW2070), EMAX (FW2080).

Product Name Magnetic Tape and Guides
Name of Chapter Measuring Systems and Controllers
Name of Sub Chapter Measuring Systems
Brand Name Elgo

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