Belt Drive, Ball Guides

Belt driven, ball guided units are smooth running units for dynamic applications with high speed, high acceleration and high loads requiring a long lifetime. They have speeds up to 5m/s and acceleration up to 40m/s².

A belt drive consists of a toothed belt which is attached to the carriage of the unit. The belt runs between two pulleys positioned at either end of the profile with one attached to the motor and the other mounted in a tensioning station. They are made of plastic with steel cords and have high speeds, long stroke, low noise and low overall weight.

Ball guides consist of a ball rail made of steel which runs along the inside of the profile, and a ball bushing which is attached to the carriage of the unit and contains balls that roll against the rail. The balls can be recirculating with longer life and better load capability, or fixed where they are much smaller. There are three major types of ball guides in the linear units. These include a compact single rail type with recirculating ball bushing, a stronger double rail type with recirculating ball bushing or fixed ball position ball bushings type. They offer high accuracy, high loads and medium speed.

Product Name Belt Drive, Ball Guides
Name of Chapter Linear Units

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