Iglidur 3D Printer Filament

Igus presents the worlds first tribo filament for 3D printers which is up to 50 times more abrasion resistant than conventional 3D printer materials.

They offer customers more flexibilty for the design of their bearings, and prototypes can be produced quickly with a low cost.

Readily made 3D models can be accessed in the igus 3D-CAD library, which can be downloaded and directly used as input data for 3D printing.

Availble iglidur materials:

  • iglidur J260-PFGreater chemical resistance and higher upper application temperature, one material from the prototype to series production (yellow)
  • iglidur I180-PFExcellent wear and abrasion properties, high strength and elongation at break (white and black)
  • iglidur I170-PFEven better wear resistance, higher workmanship standards demanded (yellow)
  • iglidur C210 - Low cost chemical bearing, more resistant to many acids, solvents and hydrogen peroxide than most of the other 47 catalogue materials from igus (pink)
  • iglidur I150 - Even easier to process and print

Typical applications:

  • Prototype construction
  • Small series
  • Custom engineering
Product Name Iglidur 3D Printer Filament
Name of Chapter iglidur Additional Products
Name of Sub Chapter Iglidur 3D Printer Filament
Brand Name igus Bearings

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