R1.190.0010.0, R1.190.0050.0, R1.188.3910.0, R1.19 - Samos Pro

Wieland’s Samos PRO safety controller can simultaneous process up to 96 safe inputs and 48 safe outputs and monitors all types of safety sensors. The system enables extremely short switch-off times of 8 milliseconds. Safety devices can therefore be installed near the danger zones of a machine, for example. The networking of Samos PRO systems is possible for 100 metres of network with 384 safet inputs and 192 safe outputs. Samos PLAN software is free and offers off-line Simulation. Samos PRO is certified to PL e/Cat 4 of EN ISO 13849 and SIL 3 to EN 62061

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Product Name Samos Pro
Part Number R1.190.0010.0, R1.190.0050.0, R1.188.3910.0, R1.19
Name of Chapter Safety
Name of Sub Chapter Programmable Controllers
Brand Name Wieland