CD 10, C8D 10 - EOS Light Curtains

The EOS light curtains offer a small-size housing and minimum dead zone, making them ideal for the protection of any tool machine, particularly where space restrictions exist.

Its very small dead zone, only present on one side, allows the light curtain to keep its resolution up to 30 mm if installed on a plan and up to 40 mm if installed at 90° against another EOS unit.

EOS4 is available in the X and XH versions, with the integration of start-restart interlock and external contactor monitoring (EDM), as well as in the A and AH versions with automatic restart.

Special versions with IP 69K watertight enclosure (WTF and WTHF) are available and are suitable for the Food & Beverage industry.

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Product Name EOS Light Curtains
Part Number CD 10, C8D 10
Name of Chapter Safety
Name of Sub Chapter Safety Light Curtains
Brand Name REER