E2.15 - New generation E2.15 Micro series

Next generation micro energy chain: stable, low noise and fast opening

Features include:

  • Dual stop dog system for largers unsupported lengths and higher additional loads
  • Built-in "brake" minimizes impact noises.
  • Complete adjusted crossbar
  • Very smooth contours provide best cable protection

The range includes:

  • Series E2.15 | Snap-open along outer radius from both sides | Standard
  • Series E2i.15 | Snap-open along inner radius from both sides
  • Series E2C.15 | One-piece, non snap-open e-chain®


Product Name New generation E2.15 Micro series
Part Number E2.15
Name of Chapter Energy Chains®
Name of Sub Chapter E2 Micro
Brand Name Igus Energy Chains

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