Cable Conduit

As a leading supplier for superior quality components to numerous markets, Treotham have extensive knowledge and experience across Australian industries. Capable of providing a broad range of systems & solutions, we have a cable conduit suitable for your industrial application.

PMA Flexible Conduits

Known for developing high-quality cable protection systems, our distribution of over 6,500 PMA products gives you every type of flexible cable conduit you could need. PMA flexible conduits are dependable for the protection of power & data cables. Download the Flexible Conduits Short Form Catalogue to find out more.

For a PMA cable protection conduit, industrial applications includes protection for railway, mechanical engineering, mining equipment, shipbuilding applications, and more. For more information on the full range of cable conduits, order a free catalogue online.


Liquidtite Conduits

Our range of liquidtite conduits and fittings are tested to comply with rigorous requirements. Typically installed where there are motion, vibration and bending requirements, these conduits are suitable for manufacturing processes which require a high level of mechanical protection. Download the Treoflex Liquidtite Catalogue for more information.

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