Large range of Lapp SKINTOP cable glands

Treotham stocks a diverse range of SKINTOP cable glands from Lapp Group. The durable glands provide a secure connection and are simple to use.

The SKINTOP cable glands provide a watertight secure connection with optimum strain relief. They are resistant to oil, sunlight, ozone, heat and acids, and have a large clamping range.

The glands are suitable for any application where cables need to be fastened securely and quickly. Some typical applications include industrial machinery and plant engineering, drive systems, electronic installation, automation technology, renewable energies and measurement and control technology.

Treotham provide special solutions including glands that meet hygienic requirements for the food and beverage industries, ATEX certified glands, solar glands specially designed for photovoltaics, industrial glands for offshore platforms, and glands for use in extreme temperatures.

SKINTOP glands Circuit

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