TSS grommets for LED lights from Treotham

Almost all manufacturers of luminaires have LED lights in their portfolio or have completely switched to using LED’s.  LED’s are of course much more energy efficient compared to the older fluorescent lights and light bulbs, but they are also more sensitive to certain substances.  It is important to avoid Sulphur, as it can have an adverse effect on the LED (free Sulphur might react with the silver (Ag) in the LED and shorten the lifespan of the LED.

The TSS grommet by TST is manufactured in TPE and is highly recommended for manufacturers of luminaires, as sulphur is not a component that is intentionally added in the raw-material production process nor is it expected to be generated during the product manufacturing process.

TSS has been very well received within the lighting industry not only because of the material, but also because of its attractive design, features and flexibility. 

Like all other TST products, the TSS has a pop-out membrane, leaving a sealed and water proof installation until it is penetrated by a cable. It can also be used as an end-plug and is one of very few that is approved for IP67.

The TSS is extremely flexible and handles a very wide range of cable diameters. TSS is designed to be fixed securely in the opening, also when larger cables are installed.  Since the material is soft, it is ideal to use on curved surfaces, as it will adapt to the shape of the surface.

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