CX 36 IF/M: mult-pin experience

Research for the highest possible number of contacts in the most compact space is a driver of today’s industry needs. Industrial connectors follow this trend, in particular the modular series which by nature are at the forefront of innovation.

The ILME MIXO series of modular units continues to be enriched with new modules. The latest addition is the CX 36 IF/M crimp insert, a solution designed for the automation industry and focused on signal transmission scope.

With a rating of 4 A, 32 V, 0,8 kV, 3 and with its 36 poles in a single module, CX 36 IF/M features a high contact density which allows to save mounting space and to employ it in multiple and flexible application options.

Used in combination with other MIXO modules it guarantees the most efficient installation on robots or other implementations.

The wide range of crimp contacts, such as turned or stamped gold plated, silver plated or the specially treated HNM contacts for up to 10,000 matings (along with special frames), enlarges the installation possibilities.

For further technical details, contact Treotham Automation.

Ilme CX 36 IF M PT

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