Interference-free operations

Discover the new MKAS IVG20 enclosures designed for the compact spring, screw, crimp and data ilme connectors.

The zinc alloy bulkhead mounting housings, coated for electromagnetic compatibility, provide full shielding not only outside but also inside the cabinet, especially important for highly sensitive applications.

To increase the EMC shielding, the housings are also provided with a special built-in flange and sealing gasket which allow a direct and complete contact with the mounting surface.

Different types of levers adapt to various mounting requirements allowing to choose between the standard lever with rolls, perfect for frequent disconnection, and the galvanized or stainless steel rigid lever, ideal for high mechanical load.

The EMC hoods and cable glands available in our range of ilme products can be used to get a connection that withstands electromagnetic interferences even inside the cabinet.

 MKAS IVG20 enclosures Demm

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