T-TYPE Hygienic enclosures from ILME

Detectable solution for food processing industry

Food processing and packaging sectors know no rest, even more in the present situation as retail demand surged and manufacturers have to quickly increase production to keep pace. In this context, food contamination prevention plays a key role in ensuring safety, quality and in avoiding the possibility of plant downtime.

Safety, detectability, and cleaning are the drivers to meet this need and which ILME refers to in the improvement of its T-TYPE HYGIENIC series. The blue levers of the enclosures range are now metal detectable, made of a special plastic blend with metal additives which allow detection of small particles via metal detectors.

Moreover, the surface mounting housings can now be equipped with a shaped planarity gasket, available in four sizes CR 06/10/16/24 GTPC, which fills the space between the enclosure and the panel and closes any gap or dead space causing the potential “nesting” of hazardous dirt.

The new enclosures are ECOLAB, EHEDG Guideline n.32 compliant, making them suitable for the food industry splash area. They also guarantee an IP66/IP67/IP69 degree of protection.

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