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smart plastics – electronic intelligence at the Hannover Messe 2016

Our motion plastics® defy rain, salt, extreme temperatures, are resistant to oil and chemicals, are lighter, more dynamic, more energy efficient and also still cost less. The era of high-performance plastics in motion is in full swing.

You can calculate service life of our products online. At the Hannover Messe we will show you the next step – intelligent "smart plastics" for the Industry 4.0:

During the operation the smart plastics will inform you in advance, when they should be replaced!

This increases the plant availability yet again. At the Hannover Messe we will show you energy chains®, cables and linear bearings, which can already be used today. Come and see for yourself on our stand and become a beta tester

Experience all 138 motion plastics® innovations at the igus® stand H04 in Hall 17. We look forward to your visit and your response.

energy chains® that measure their own service life, cables that predict their own failure, linear guides that can be remote-controlled via the Internet.


Free ticket:

igus® at the Hannover Messe
25/04 – 29/04/2016
Hall 17, Stand H04
Hannover Messe

Current arrival information
The Deutsche Bahn AG operates two additional ICE direct connections between Frankfurt a.M./airport and Hannover/Messe morning and evening during the fair days. Travel time about 3 hours. This is intended to alleviate bottlenecks due to the construction work on the Kassel - Hannover route.
smart plastics – electronic intelligence

e-chains® that notify in advance when they should be replaced.

Learn more from 25/4

chainflex® cables

Cables that notify in advance when they should be replaced.

Learn more from 25/4

Intelligent drylin®
linear guides

Plastic bearings that notify in advance when they need to be replaced.
Learn more from 25/4
drylin® E motor control
Control the operation of a linear guide with a few clicks from a browser.
Learn more from 25/4
2 of 9 low cost robotics novelties* 2016

Cost-effective: 6-arm robot building blocks
robolink® D motors and joints in various installation sizes and number of axes, can be combined with Beckhoff control for own customised low-cost robots. The new robolink® shaft gear used here is lubrication-free, clearance-free and with a high transmission ratio. Can be combined with igus® stepper motors. With new online configurator.
More information online from 25/4


4-axes Robot Kit
Complete DIY construction kits with suitable components to build whole robot arms for up to 4 axes. Also available mounted.
Available in two sizes: the small one for a load capacity up to 1 kg, the large manages 3 kg. Simple installation instructions. Low price.

More information online from 25/4



Another 10 of 138 motion plastics® novelties* 2016
igus® E2.1
New "machinery manufacturing standard"
e-chain® with new inner height. Even more robust, even quieter, more gentle to the cables. The new quick-fill energy chain® series E2.1 for still more filling options with identical outer dimensions.
More information online from 25/4
Quick assembly – very stable
igus® easy chain® for easy filling through simple press in of the cables. Now also for many larger unsupported lengths!
More information online from 25/4
Quickly and easily assembled
chainflex® fibre optic cables braided in bundles for extreme stressing and small bending radii up to 5 x d. With a guarantee of 36 months**.
More information online from 25/4
Everything from one source
Ready-to-connect welding robots equipped with readychain®: welding cables, welding control cables, hoses, etc. From 1 piece, any length (centimetre accuracy) and 100% tested. Optional with triflex® RS system.
More information online from 25/4
Simple power supply for ships in port
Without slip ring, maintenance-free, reliable: Motorised cable reel "e-spool", mobile on the ship.
More information online from 25/4
Freedom in design
drylin® W carriage for curved rail for individually curved linear guides. The carriage adapts to the radius. Self-adjusting and lubricant-free!
More information online from 25/4
New iglidur® plastic plain bearings
Trailblazing: iglidur® RW370 fulfills fire safety standard EN45545
Can be steam sterilised: iglidur® HSD350 for applications where decontamination is done with steam sterilisation
Cost-effective fast runner: iglidur® L350 for applications in fans or ventilators
More information online from 25/4
Tribo-parts from the 3D printing service
Sensational wear resistance for printed parts – as prototypes or in small series. Just upload your desired part and order online. printed trolley coin at our stand.
More information online from 25/4
Huge selection ... online lifetime calculation
The large product range of polymer ball bearings has been extended to very many dimensions. The service lives were vastly improved and can be calculated online.
More information online from 25/4
Efficiency in 9 new sizes
9 more high helix thread dimensions with the efficient dryspin® technology, lubrication-free threaded nut made of dry-tech® polymers, high helix lead screw in stainless steel and aluminium.
More information online from 25/4
Here you will find the top new products* 2016:

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