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Low-cost & fast: igus® with 3D-printed injection moulds in production plant

Injection moulding is an efficient method wherever the serial production of high-performance plastics for moving applications is concerned. Injection moulds today are mostly made of steel and only pay for themselves in the case of large quantities.

A time-saving and cost-effective alternative has now been developed by igus® in the form of its first 3D-printed injection mould made of plastic, which also copes with the high temperatures of the injection-moulding process. Tested to make 190 pieces with unchanging quality. In just 4 to 5 days after ordering, you receive your Tribo special part for your moving application.

We will be happy to talk to you personally to show you how the new injection moulds can save you time and money.


Due to the 3D-printed injection mould, the lubricant-free and maintenance-free special part is very close to the series-produced product in the test phase and the costs are reduced considerably at the same time. Learn more

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Variable-width high sea catamaran: slimmed down thanks to igus®
iglidur® standard product range: inch dimensions from stock
igubal® pillow block bearings for supporting square profile
New generation E2.1 now 50 % quieter
Original HARTING connectors now ready-to-connection from the catalogue
iglidur® L350: New material for fans, blowers and motors tested
igus® e-tube made of plastic beats energy chain® made of metal
igus® humanoid wins in football duel
motion plastics® on site
motion plastics® in application
Variable-width high sea catamaran: slimmed down thanks to igus®
A yacht concept unique in the world: the first variable-width high sea catamaran was built with components from igus®. In spite of being widened to a width of 4.85 metres, the yacht is able to withstand all torsional loads.
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Reduce costs and improve technical performance
520 Examples of energy chains® online
motion plastics® innovations
Inch dimensions from stock ...
16 full-range materials, 940 new inch standard articles: iglidur® standard product range now with more than 5,000 metric and inch standard dimensions for most bearing challenges.
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Lubrication- free support for square profiles ...
Large Big split pillow block bearings for square profiles are now available with the well-known igubal® properties.
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More installation space ... 50 % quieter ...
Continuous improvements over a period of many years were incorporated into the new E2.1 generation and many new ideas were set in motion. Greater inner height, 50 % quieter, greater stability.
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Market leader quality ...
Harnessed chainflex® control cables with original HARTING industrial connectors as a premium product for your machine cabling. 36 months guarantee*
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Insights from the igus® lab
iglidur® L350
iglidur® L350: New material for fans, blowers and motors tested
Developed by igus®, iglidur® L350 is an extremely durable material, which is ideally suitable for use in electric motors, fans and household appliances thank to its coefficient of friction and wear-resistance. The coefficient of friction and rotational wear, among other things, were tested on a high-speed test stand.
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igus® plastic e-tube R4.38L vs. closed metal energy chain® of a competitor
During a comparison test in the industry's largest test laboratory, igus® compared an R4.38L energy chain® made of plastic to a competitor's product made of steel. The two energy chains® were assessed with regard to their appearance, possible unsupported length, their behaviour when subjected to tensile forces, their load-carrying capacity in a breaking test and their ability to prevent the ingress of chips/filings.
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Where is igus® hiding?
igus® humanoid
igus® humanoid wins football duel
For the 20th time, development teams from 45 countries competed with each other in Leipzig. The NimbRo team from the University of Bonn took part and achieved a clear victory with the igus® humanoid in the TeenSize football category. New in this version: The load-bearing exoskeleton consists of plastic components that were made using laser sintering.
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