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The world's first flexible servo cable for temperatures down to -35°C
The new chainflex® servo cable CF29 sets two records at once:
  • It is the servo cable for the e-chain® with the world's smallest bend radius of 6.8xd.
  • It is the world's first flexible servo cable for temperatures down to -35°C for e-chain®.
This makes it particularly interesting for dynamic handling applications, for example in storage and retrieval machines, in processing machines or machine tools, and, of course, in freezer applications.

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High-end servo cable for the smallest bend radii at extreme temperatures. Find out more ...
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e-chain system® for household appliance manufacturing
Lubrication-free toothed belt axes
High-end Ethernet cable with TPE jacket
Pre-assembled xiros® guide roller with FDA-compliant components
Secure cable guidance for (manual) indoor crane control panels
Roughly 20% more tests in the largest lab in our industry
Spherical bearings: Successful 70-years simulation
Cables: Bending factor tested in refrigerated containers
Linear drives in new types of automatic order picking machines
manus® 2017 plain bearing award: Participate now
motion plastics® on site
motion plastics® in use
triflex® RS
e-chain system® for the production of household appliances
A well-known household appliances manufacturer recently installed a triflex® RS universal module for very complex robot movements. In order to supply energy to the robot head, it was equipped with the new universal module triflex® R-Set from the outset. "We had little time for commissioning," recalls Joachim Grandy of BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH. "Just 24 hours passed between order, delivery and installation. And from the very first day, the entire system worked perfectly without problems!"
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Reduce costs and improve technology
520 examples for energy chains® online
550 examples for iglidur® plain bearings online
Material of the month
iglidur® I150
Even easier to print: lubrication-free iglidur® I150 material
The new tribo-filament iglidur® I150 is much easier to process in the 3D printer. This material can therefore be processed in any 3D printer where a nozzle temperature of approx. +250°C can be set – with or without a heated pressure plate.
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motion plastics® innovations
Lubrication-free toothed belt axes
Toothed belt axes in 3 centre distances of 120/160/200 mm. With the extension of the centre distances, the linear axis offers a higher torque resistance. The new modular linear axis also impresses with its improved dynamics and the absorption of higher loads.
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High-end Ethernet cable with TPE outer jacket
Always find the most cost-effective Ethernet cable, which works reliably with maximum capacity and smallest radii up to 7.5xd. CFBUS.LB with guaranteed service life – even at temperatures down to -35°C. Tested. From stock. 36 months guarantee*.
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Fully harnessed xiros® guide roller with FDA-compliant components
xiros® complete solution with blue PVC tube as well as two xirodur® B180 flange ball bearings for the food and medical industry. Low weight. All materials used are FDA-compliant, lubrication-free and maintenance-free.
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Secure cable guidance for control device (manual control) on indoor crane
The guidefast control is mounted directly on the crane girder. Just as with the guidefast guide trough for cable guidance of the trolley (lifting gear), the guidefast control can be installed on the crane girder as a complete system with cables quickly and easily.
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Insights from the igus® lab
Approximately 20% more tests in the largest laboratory in our industry
Without our test lab we would not have been able to present to you 168 new products and product range extensions in 2016. Our intelligent plastic solutions would not be operating at the customers' plants, and our new website could not have been so service-oriented. The 3-year guarantee on every igus® cable is also based on the experience gained in the test lab. Around 12,000 tribological tests were carried out in 2016 (+20%), and 317 new compounds were developed. 800 cable tests are undertaken in parallel in the laboratory in 58 test facilities (+23%).
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Spherical bearings: Successful 70-year simulation
For the simulation of the service life, a continuous pivoting test with a load of 1.5 tons was set up on the pillow block bearing. The bearing was specifically developed for use in solar systems that pivot once every day. For the simulation, a pivoting in the minute cycle was set up and thus a service life of at least 72 years was simulated. Even after the test, there were no noticeable wear marks on the bearings.
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Unique cooling container test: Bending factor of 6.8xd even at temperatures of -35°C
The new CF29 series of servo cables is one of several new high-end cable families for continuous motion in the e-chain® with a flexible, halogen-free TPE outer jacket. The new series can be used as a guaranteed safe solution at temperatures down to -35°C and thus even in moving applications in deep-freeze warehouses. All cables were successfully tested in igus®'s own refrigerated container in the 2,750 square metre test laboratory with real mechanical loads and temperatures.
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Where is igus® hiding?
drylin® ZLW
Linear drives in new order picking machines
Magazino, a start-up company in Munich, is developing new ideas for automated order picking. A new kind of pick & place station for small parts can detect, grasp and place packaged items extremely quickly thanks to 3D camera technology and "fast" software. On the three linear axes of the system, igus® drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes are used. With regard to the bearings as well, the Magazino developers are also choosing products from the igus® modular construction kit.
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manus® 2017 Plain Bearings Award
8th competition for outstanding polymer-bearing applications
In 2017, we are, for the eighth time, looking for industrial polymer-bearing applications that stand out due to their technical and economic efficiency as well as because of the developer's creativity and courage. The aim is to show the technical superiority of plastic machine elements.
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