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Top 13 news* highlights in less than 6 minutes

We cordially invite you to have a walk around our Hannover Messe trade fair stand, which is showcasing many different products - from 3D printed plastic gear wheels with an outstanding service life to bionically inspired strain relief systems for cables. At Hannover Messe, we will be showing you solutions to many different motion problems in industry. 166 new* products involving Tribo polymers which provide solutions for

  • Longer service life
  • Lower costs
  • Shorter procurement and assembly times
  • Intelligent products
  • Replacements for metal parts

We will be showing 13 of 166 brand-new highlights in a video. Start the film.

You can find an overview of all news and additions to the product range here.

Everything in black and white: Order the free new-products brochure or download the PDF version directly.

11 of 166 news highlights* in less than 6 minutes.
Dr. Stefan Kombüchen, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, presents 13 of 166 news* highlights in less than 6 minutes. Have fun watching it ...
What to expect in the film:
Longer service life: Ball bearing change website including solutions with 10 times longer service life
Low costs: Small assembly robots suitable for industry from 5,000 euros
Short procurement and assembly times: With bionically inspired strain relief system for cables
Intelligent products: intelligent e-chains® and cables now with system modules
Metal substitute: Injection-moulded plastic parts from a 3D-printed tool live on the stand
Metal substitute: iglidur G1 plain bearing - Double the performance for almost the same price

PS: Come to the igus® stand (Hall 17, Stand H04) by Friday and receive a bearing change surprise: a hand spinner incorporating xiros® ball bearings with record operating times.

6 of 166 motion plastics® news* highlights 2017
New: The ball-bearing-change website
Largest selection of products from stock – Service life up to 10x longer due to continuous development – Calculate durability exactly – Order quickly online. Cope with continuous temperatures up to 150 °C and aggressive chemicals, quiet & smooth operation, without any lubrication and cost-effective – Never has a changeover to plastic ball bearings been so easy. Try it out and order free samples.
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New: Robots suitable for industry from 5,000 euros - igus® example of a factory live at the trade fair (ROI 4 months)
Complete robot arms with an optimised design for even more freedom of movement, greater stability and a payload of up to eight kilograms. With 'robolink® Designer', users can configure their robot arms easily and quickly. The CPR low-cost control system for robolink® D robot arms is also new.
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New: Reduce assembly and harnessing time by 80%**
E4.1L, the e-chain system® that can be harnessed faster than any other. New kind of separators and revolutionary strain relief elements enable extremely fast assembly and strain relief of extensive bundles of cables on several levels.
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** measured in the igus® harnessing factory

smart plastics
New: Intelligent e-chains® and cables
Now with system modules – easier to install
New travelling EC.M module for isense family of products. It automatically collects data on the status of the e-chain system® such as speed, cycles and ambient temperature, and monitors the remaining service life of the e-chains® and cables.
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3D Print

New: From heat to high loads – Injection-moulded wear resistant parts in 2 to 5 days made of 50 iglidur® materials
Injection-moulded parts for prototypes or small volumein just a few days and with extremely low tool costs – with printed tools (rapid tooling). Now with all Tribo materials from the iglidur® product range.
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New: iglidur® G1 plain bearing ... Twice the performance, and still low the price
The most successful plastic bearing in the world iglidur® G now new! The new all-round material with higher temperature-resistance, lower moisture absorption and better friction and wear behaviour at a favourable price.
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