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Hannover Messe: top 18 news highlights in 7 minutes

We invite you for a stroll through the igus® stand at the Hannover Messe. We are presenting 18 of 138 brand new highlights. The focus is on our smart plastics – intelligent products that provide higher plant availability. See for yourself. Start film.

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Artur Peplinski, Vice President & Head of Intl. Group Development, will present 18 of 138 news highlights in 7 minutes.
Artur Peplinski, Vice President & Head of Intl. Group Development, will present 18 of 138 news highlights in 7 minutes. Have fun watching it ...
What to expect in the film:
Industry 4.0 in failsafe motion with smart plastics
New generations of e-chains® set new standards
New, most cost-effective cables that reliably function – guaranteed for 36 months**
Plastic instead of metal: lubrication-free igus® plain bearing solutions are simply better
Low-cost-robotics: new strain wave gearing made of plastic expands robolink® modular kit
10 of 138 motion plastics® news highlights 2016
igus® E2.1
New "machinery manufacturing standard"
e-chain® with new inner height. Even more robust, even quieter, more gentle to the cables. The new quick-fill energy chain® series E2.1 for still more filling options with identical outer dimensions.
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easy chain®
Quick assembly – very strong
igus® easy chain® for easy filling through simple press in of the cables. Now also for many larger unsupported lengths!
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Quickly and easily assembled
chainflex® fibre optic cables braided in bundles for extreme stressing and small bending radii up to 5 x d. With a guarantee of 36 months**.
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Everything from one source
Ready-to-connect welding robots equipped with readychain®: welding cables, welding control cables, hoses, etc. From 1 piece, any length (centimetre accuracy) and 100% tested. Optional with triflex® RS system.
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Simple power supply for ships in port
Without slip ring, maintenance-free, reliable: Motorised cable reel "e-spool", mobile on the ship.
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Freedom in design
drylin® W carriage for curved rail for individually curved linear guides. The carriage adapts to the radius. Self-adjusting and lubricant-free!
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New iglidur® plastic plain bearings
Trailblazing: iglidur® RW370 fulfills fire safety standard EN45545.
Can be steam sterilised: iglidur® HSD350 for applications where decontamination is done with steam sterilisation.
Cost-effective fast runner: iglidur® L350 for applications in fans or ventilators.
3D printing service
Tribo-parts from the 3D printing service
Sensational wear resistance for printed parts – as prototypes or in small series. Just upload your desired part and order online. Ensure printed trolley coin at our stand.
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Huge selection ... online lifetime calculation
The large product range of polymer ball bearings has been extended to very many dimensions. The service lives were vastly improved and can be calculated online.
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Efficiency in 9 new sizes
9 more high helix thread dimensions with the efficient dryspin® technology, lubrication-free lead screw nut made of dry-tech® polymers, high helix lead screw in stainless steel and aluminium.
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