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Already today – motion plastics® for tomorrow's machine

Tomorrow's machine will significantly outperform today's machine in performance and results:

- It runs completely fail safe,
- Avoids unplanned shutdowns,
- Operates without lubricant,
- Need not be serviced,
- Efficient operation saving energy and costs,
- Runs at lower costs with full automation,
- Allows mobile control via remote device,
- Communicates quickly and with data reliability in the Industry 4.0.

How you can improve technology and reduce costs with the motion plastics® on tomorrow's machine can be viewed in the upcoming autumn trade fairs.

5 Innovations can be already viewed here in the newsletter.

If you cannot make it to the fairs, we would like to show you our solutions personally at your place - perhaps as part of a mobile in-house exhibition.

We would be very glad if you would contact us.

Autumn trade fair highlights: motion plastics® solutions that bring future technology to your door by improving your application while reducing the costs. Click here and view all novelties* of 2016.
All topics at a glance:
1. Rotational module for movements up to 900°
2. Smart plastics increase operational reliability
3. Low-cost-automation: Robot joint from € 243
4. Higher service life, reduces 40% costs
5. readychain® – Save 80% processing costs
chainflex® measuring system cables
CF270.UL.D lasts more than 25 million strokes
iglidur® TX1 is the favourite for edge loads
Machine cuts glass of 12 metres length
motion plastics® on site
igus® Innovations for tomorrow's machine
e-chains® rotation module – movements up to 900°
Using the multi-rotation module system (MRM), you can implement angles of rotation of 900° and more. Thanks to add-on modules, the angles of rotation can be extended virtually indefinitely.
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Smart plastics
Smart plastics increase operational reliability
Whether intelligent cable, e-chain® or linear guide: the igus® iSense product family includes various sensors and monitoring modules. They detect wear during operation and issue an alarm asking for a repair or replacement.
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Low-cost automation – Robot joint from € 243
robolink® is the large modular kit for low cost robotics. From individual joints from € 243 up to electro-mechanical arm.
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Higher service life and reduces 40% cost
Change your bearing now: iglidur® plastic bearings from igus® are lubrication-free, maintenance-free, cost-effective and versatile. Either from the catalogue range or as custom-made special plain bearing solution – from a quantity of 1 piece!
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readychain® – reduce 80% process costs
Ready energy supply systems are custom designed, harnessed and delivered, and in-house stock of e-chains®, cables and connectors are not necessary. This saves space and time for your internal logistics and the space for harnessing and assembling the energy supply system. The finished modules reduce our customers' processing costs by up to 80% and radically speed up throughput times.
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motion plastics® in application
chainflex® measuring system cables for large machining centres
The complete machining of large components such as diesel engines, turbines, generators or ships' propellers means that machining centres are becoming bigger and bigger. In this case, a special overall solution was developed with a chainflex® measuring system cable guided inside an e-chain®, which reliably transmitted signals permanently even over very long distances.
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Lower costs and improve technology
Over 1200 additional plastics for longer life®
Insights from the igus® lab
CF270.UL.D lasts more than 25 million strokes in the e-chain®
In order to make a statement about the service life of CF270.UL.D, igus® tested two 6.0 m long cables in an E6. energy chain® in the 2750 m² large test laboratory.
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iglidur® TX1
iglidur® TX1 proves to be the favourite for edge loads
At a customer's request, igus® compared iglidur® and brass bearings with each other in a wear test in the in-house laboratory. In the heavy-duty application of the customer, up to 8.5 MPa surface pressure and an overturning torque of 37,000 Nm act on the bearing. For this purpose the test parameters were converted to the dimensions of the bearings to be tested.
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Where is igus® hiding?
Machine cuts glass of 12 metres length
Until now, glass could be cut up to a maximum length of six metres. A new facility - one of its kind in the world - makes it possible to process twelve metres. Implemented with e-chains® and cables from igus®, it can be viewed among others at Glasstec in Dusseldorf.
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