Issue 2/2014

Endurance testing on high-performance polymers
56 iglidur® plain bearings prove their mettle on a tour around the world

We have started a particularly special test for the 30th birthday of our iglidur® polymer plain bearings and for the 50th birthday of igus®: a compact car, equipped with iglidur® bearing technology, is traveling around the world. On their way to igus® customers in all corners of the world, the bearings need to stand up to rough roads, dust, mud, heat, and cold.

Plain bearings from igus® were installed in 56 locations on the car, for the most part as replacements for metallic bearings: for instance in the choke valve, the gear switch, the window mechanism, the roof system, the pedal mechanism, the alternator ... Find out more in the iglidur® on tour brochure (download PDF brochure here).

After the tour start in India, the car will travel to China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, and the United States. The tour schedule will then end up in Europe, where the car will also visit customers, trade fairs, and igus® branch offices.

Does "plastics for longer life®" - reducing costs and improving technology - actually work? Follow the long trip around the world in the "iglidur® on tour" blog or on our facebook page. Reports, videos, and photos in these provide exciting insights into the trip and the worldwide uses of products made from high-performance polymers.

Enjoy reading the February issue of our newsletter.

iglidur® on tour
iglidur® on tour currently in India: compact car with iglidur® plain bearings in an endurance test. Watch video impressions here.

iglidur® plain beraings in a car
Examples of the 56 heavy-duty bearing locations that were equipped with iglidur® solutions.



Topics in this newsletter
plastics for longer life® in applications
Reduce costs and improve technology with 1 of more than 1,200 "plastics for longer life®" examples
Space-saving installation with Triflex® R
triflex® R
The universal assembly kit facilitates on-site adjustment of the energy supply system. This simplifies project planning.
Today, robots are an essential component of turnkey assembly plants in the automotive industry. As a rule, they need to function and perform very hard labour. Multi-dimensional motion control energy supply systems ensure maximum flexibility and the longest service lives on all complex motions. The so-called trailer principle (ball and socket connection similar to the trailer coupling in automobiles) gives the Triflex® R high tensile strength absorption, which means flexible movements in all axis with a tested tensile strength of up to 2,340 N. Read more
300 more E-Chain® application examples


Product of the month
Keep spool - guide various media in various directions at the same time e-spool

Guide a variety of cables in confined space. e-spool is a unique combination of two different energy supply systems: a standard e-chain is guided by a roller and uses an integrated retaining spring to ensure that the energy supply system always has exactly the correct length and tension. In the home position, the E-Chain® is completely rolled up to save space.

  • No tensile forces on cables
  • One drum can accommodate a variety of media diameters
  • Energy can be guided in any direction (horizontally, vertically, diagonally... everything can be done with one chain)
  • Space-saving, no 'cable junction'
  • No lower run is left behind, paths stay free
  • Cable diameters up to 17 mm

More information here

Brand new plastics for longer life®
Your igus® novelties*
LockTec -tamper-proof cable available from 24 hrs
Fully harnessed cable from 24hrs.** and with centimetre accuracy
  • Starting at a lot size of 1, a good alternative for injection moulded connectors, since setup, energy and production costs are greatly reduced
  • Tamper-proof
  • Protection class IP66/67
  • e.g. in accordance with Allen Bradley (Rockwell) standard
More information here
Cross slide - compact and accurate
drylin® SHT-XY-08
Precision in confined space, and maintenance-free
  • Smallest installation size now also available as cross slide
  • lubricant and maintenance-free
  • quiet operation
  • ball bearing supported lead screw
  • The upper unit can be assembled with right or left orientation
More information here
Compensation unit 'basic' - cost-effective compensation of long travels on E-Chains®
Ausgleichseinheit basic
Compensate parallel errors on long trials
  • Floating moving end compensates parallel errors
  • Small, light, and low-cost
  • Compatible with the PPDS basic analysis unit
  • The basic "floating moving end" can be used with the following chain series: 2500, 2700, 3500, E4.28, E4.32, E4.42
More information here
Large diameters for high temperatures - iglidur® Z iglidur® Z
More dimensions, including with 250° C upper long-term application temperature

  • Extremely wear-resistant high-temperature material
  • Upper long-term application temperature: 250°C
  • 6 more dimensions up to a diameter of 120 mm
  • Lubricant-free
  • Maintenance-free
More information here


the-chain tested
Insights from the igus® lab
Service life test: thermal compensation cable lasts more than 97 million strokes
Chainflex® lab
Chainflex® lasts: No impairment after 97 million stroke.
Always in motion, while working reliably - the CFTHERMO.K001 thermal compensation cable lasted more than 97 million strokes in our test lab in an E-Chain®. The long-term test was conducted with the following test parameters:
  • Cable length: 3 metres
  • Acceleration: 0.5 m/s²
  • Speed: 1 m/s
  • Ambient temperature: 25°C
  • Chain type: 1500.125.048.0
  • Bending radius: 48 mm

Result: a visual inspection and a measurement of the Ohm resistance was performed after 97 million strokes. All parameters of the intact cable were OK.

Click here for more information and video


dry-tech® tested
Insights from the igus® lab
Wear test for customer: iglidur® J350 versus PPA GF-30 shaft
The iglidur® J350 bearings exhibited only minimal wear after 845,200 cycles.
The iglidur® J350 material was tested for a customer from the automobile industry. In addition to the required temperature and media-resistance, the primary reasons were good wear-resistance against the PPA GF-30 plastic shaft used by the customer. The igus® test lab conducted a wear test using the customer's original shaft material under the following conditions to explicitly test the good suitability of iglidur® J350:
  • Load: 16 N
  • Pivot angle: 20°
  • Speed: 2 Hz ≙ 0.007 m/s
  • Temperature: 50% of the time: 150°C; 30% of the time: 120°C; 20% of the time: room temperature
  • Running time: > 800,000 cycles ≙ approx. 3 km

Result: The iglidur® J350 bearings only exhibited minimal wear of 3.4 µm/km. No wear was measured on the PPA GF30 shaft.

Read test report here


igus® on-site
Pencil it into your calendar today and experience all igus® novelties* live in your neighbourhood

For visitors - tickets: 
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ACI Connect ACI Connect
09. - 10-04.2014
National Manufacturing Week National Manufacturing Week
13. - 15.05.2014
HMI Hannover Messe
07. - 11.04.2014
Where is igus® hiding?  
E-ChainSystem® on a crash test carriage E-ChainSystem® in a crash test facility
E4 E-ChainSystem® in a crash test facility
High acceleration, high speeds, and reliable cable guide? No problem for E-Chains® from igus®. E-Chains® made from few components ensure reliable functionality on a crash test carriage.

Click here to watch video



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