The PMA conduit type PACOF/PPCOF has been created for retrofit and pre-loomed applications. 
New cables can be added without the need for re-wiring or re-threading within the building of machines and installations. Further, this product will be used increasingly in vehicle manufacturing and building construction. Divisible connectors, divisible locknuts and system supports are available for this product group.
Made from TPE and Polyamide 66 UL approved material and IP54 protections, PACOF has a number of other features including:
• Can be opened and closed in longitudinal direction any time
• PMA standard nominal widths can be used with all PMA fittings
• Easy installation
• Trouble-free retrofitting
• Applicable also for repairs 
• Self-extinguishing
• Free from halogens and cadmium
• Temperature range: –40°C to +105°C; Short-term to +160°C

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