New range of inserts greatly reduce cabling time

Ilme has just brought out a new range of CSAH inserts with SQUICH connection. In this layout the wires are connected to the socket and plug insert contacts by means of a spring terminal with actuator button.

The connectors offer the following features:
  • No special wire preparation
  • No need for tools
  • Open and ready for conductor clamping terminals
  • Adapts to any rigid or flexible cable type (including unprepared wires)
  • Excellent fastening solution
  • Great resistance to vibration

The CSAH inserts are compliant with Euromap 12/13/14/16/62 technical recommendations and can be mated with the CDA/CDC series.

Kind regards,

Mikael Paltoft
Managing Director
Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

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Flexible and light-weight filler-free flat Ethernet cables
The Cicoil Cat 5e and Cat 6a Ethernet cables don't require bulky insulating materials, fillers, talc or tapes, allowing a more flexible, lightweight and compact design. Compared to round bundled cables with excessive fillers, the simple flat cables eliminate many of the common wiring errors and malfunctions. The cables are UL recognised, CE Conforming, RoHS & REACH Compliant and Class 1 Clean Room Rated.
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Cables for extreme temperatures in continuous motion
The igus TPE cables are guaranteed to run in extreme temperatures of -40 to +60 degrees. Igus has been testing cables in extreme temperatures under real conditions for over ten years and has recently doubled their test area to carry out cold tests in one and heat tests in the other. As a result, igus is the only cable manufacturer capable of providing guaranteed temperature ratings for fixed cables, moving cables, and other cables in e-chains.
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New sensors for roller conveyor systems with app
The new Wenglor sensors for roller conveyor systems offer everything required for modern warehousing and transport technology. Equipped with Near Field Communication interface (NFC), they can be conveniently configured via a free app or PC, with switching distances and operating modes being selected in the de-energised state. The easy to mount sensors feature an EcoMode, reducing power consumption by 75%.
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Reasons to choose chainflex: 8 characeristics

  1. Tensile stress-resistant core element
    Made of real core element: supports the core structure around it and prevents movement of the cores into the middle of the cable.
  2. Optimised strand structure
    Long series of tests found a specific combination of strand wire diameter, strand pitch and direction to be the best bending-resistant solution.
  3. High-quality core insulation
    To support the individual strands of the conductor. Made of very high-quality PVC or TPE materials, extruded under high pressure.
  4. Wound with short strand pitches
    The stranded structure must be wound with an optimised short pitch around a strong and stable core.
  5. Gusset-filled extruded inner jacket
    Reliable guidance of the core structure in a longitudinal direction. It also prevents the core structure from loosening or shifting position.
  6. Overall shield with optimised braiding angle
    Made secure with optimised braiding angle over the extruded inner jacket. Torsion protection for the core structure.
  7. Extruded, abrasion-resistant outer jacket
    Flexible jacket materials for very different requirements: UV-resistant, flexible at low temperatures, or the best low-cost solution.
  8. CFRIP tear strip
    With CFRIP technology, you save up to 50% time spent stripping cables. Altogether, 569 chainflex cables now come with CFRIP.

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