Flange Bearings

flange bearingsTreotham New Zealand have partnerships with globally renowned manufacturers of high quality industrial automation components and systems. We aim to bring all our customers in New Zealand closer to the latest technology. Our close partnerships also ensure you get the best prices coupled with our extensive industry knowledge.

Our supply chain network works hard to deliver your orders as quickly and efficiently as possible, while our service guarantee ensures that you’re kept abreast of any delivery updates as they occur. Plus, with weekly air freights from our suppliers in Europe, the wait is never too long even for custom order products.

Explore the Types of Flange Bearings

igus manufacturers many different flange bearing types, witha lightweight, high wear resistance and maintenance free design. These flange mounted bearings come in different configurations, including clip bearing and screw mounting solutions for ease of integration into existing machine environments.

The range contains different sizes including large and small flange bearings, making it easy to pick the right flange bearing for your application requirements.

Get Expert Advice

Get in touch to explore the range. A trained consultant can walk you through the different flange bearing types we have and can help you make a more informed choice.