Fluid Sensor

There are three types of fluid sensors - pressure sensors (that measure the relative pressure of fluid in closed systems), flow sensors (that determine the speed that liquid flows within closed systems) and temperature sensors (that determine the temperature of the fluid and permit reliable temperature monitoring within processes). Below we provide information on what each sensor does along with their features.

Treotham Automation is an Australia wide stockist of fluid temperature sensors, fluid pressure sensors and flow sensors.

We are the exclusive distributor of many international product lines and with warehouses based throughout Australia, we can supply products from around the world fast and efficiently to our customers.

We also have a fully equipped workshop where we can tailor solutions when specific requirements are needed for an application.

Fluid sensors in our range include:

Fluid Temperature Sensors

Fluid temperature sensors measure and monitor the temperature of liquid and gaseous media in a closed system.

These sensors feature:

  • Compact design
  • Wide measuring range coupled
  • High accuracy readings

The fluid temperature sensors are equipped with either one or two switching outputs or one switching output in combination with an analogue output.

This makes them versatile choices for many different applications.

Fluid Pressure Sensors

Fluid pressure sensors measure the relative pressure in a closed system in the range of -1 to 600 bars and convert the reading into an electronic signal for evaluation.

The fluid pressure sensors feature:

  • Flush design
  • A metal membrane (making it ideal for use in areas of strict hygiene requirements such as food and pharmaceutical applications)

They are available in many housing options including plastic and stainless steel for flexible integration options.

Flow Sensors

Flow Sensors have a unique measuring method that determines flow velocity and temperature of liquid media within closed systems.

They can be mounted inside pipes in any direction and the measuring probe does not need to be positioned in the direction of the flow.

Flow sensors in our range are suitable for monitoring flow rate in filling machines, coolant water in electric power generators, coolant water control and preventing pumps from running dry.

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