Working with international manufacturers, Treotham supply a range of gearbox products (from Wittenstein) to the New Zealand industrial market. Offering extensive knowledge & experience in developing custom solutions for various applications, our Auckland team can help you find the perfect gearbox for your business.

Our Range of Right Angle Gearboxes

Developed for increased efficiency & productivity, our range of right angle systems offer more torque & faster speeds than equivalent products. Also termed 90 degree gearboxes, these systems are simple to set up, are very reliable, and highly accurate. Occupying minimal space, each small right angle gearbox is robust & maintenance free.

This range includes:

  • LK+/LPK+ features an optional planetary stage, smooth output shaft, flanged version or a food-grade version

  • SK+/SPK+ which are the successors to the versatile hypoid gearheads with SP+ compatible output shafts

  • TK+/TPK+ which succeed the versatile hypoid gearheads with TP+ compatible output flanges and hollow shafts

  • HG+ with optional shrink discs, drive coupling, ATEX and food-grade versions

  • V-drive is the latest servo worm gearhead with various outputs (solid shaft, hollow shaft, or hollow shaft flange)

  • RPK+ is the small 90 degree gearbox (right-angle) for the rack and pinion system

Gear Boxes

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To learn more about each gearbox, download the Short-Form Gear Boxes and Rack & Pinion Catalogue. For expert advice, talk to our team by calling (64) 9278 6577.