Iglidur Bearings

In this article, We list types of iglidur bearings we supply throughout New Zealand.

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Find out more about iglidur bearings including iglidur G bearings below. GLW

Learn More About iglidur Bearings

  • General purpose – versatile general purpose bearings that are suited for many different applications. This range includes iglidur G bearings, iglidur K, iglidur P and iglidur GLW. Special features include low friction, high speed, and low water absorption and dirt proof design making them an ideal choice for many different industries.
  • Long service – made of special longer lasting materials, the iglidur long service range features low wear, low water absorption and good edge load support, making them ideal for environments of repeated usage.
  • Food contact – specialist bearings made of food safe grade material approved by FDA. These bearings are ideal for high temperature and underwater usage environments and are resistant to dirt and chemicals.

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