Igus H370

In this article, find out about the igus H370, its features and what applications it is suitable for.

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Find out more about the iglidur H370 below. h370

iglidur H370 Features

The iglidur H370 is an advanced development of the iglidur® H series.

Features include:

  • Low water absorption
  • Enhanced wear resistance (wear resistant underwater)
  • Extremely temperature resistant (-40°C to +200°C)
  • The coefficients of friction and wear in iglidur® H370 are more favourable than in iglidur® H
  • Ability to absorb extremely high loads
  • Chemical resistant
  • Resistant to most lubricants, weak organic and inorganic acids
  • Radiation resistant (permanently resistant against UV radiation

iglidur H370 Applications

The iglidur H370 is suitable for use underwater when high-temperature resistance or when high mechanical loading and wear resistance is required.

It is also suitable for applications where good resistance to chemicals is required.

Examples of suitable applications or industries include:

  • Offshore
  • Marine engineering
  • Fluid technology
  • Packaging
  • Plant construction

Download the iglidur H370 brochure for technical data for the igus H370, igus sleeve bearing and igus flange bearing.

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