Multifunctional Gate Box

Since 1990, Treotham have been an exclusive distributor of many international product lines for various industrial applications. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience, we can help you with your safety needs in getting a multifunctional gate box (MGB). With a unique interlocking or guard locking system for the protection of safety doors on machines and systems, each gatebox is customisable to your application.

Safe Operations with Gate Boxes

Combining sensor, evaluation and safety relays into one system, our multifunctional gate boxes have clear control buttons for emergency stops. Available with magnetic coding, transponder coding or for use with bus technology the MGB2 has all of these design features including an updated modular layout and maximum flexibility. For more information on the MGB2, read about ‘what’s new in process technology’.

Other specifications of our gate boxes includes a mechanical release, an intelligent bolt tongue, escape release (optional), and a solid door stop. To combine secure safety gate monitoring, safe guard locking and control elements in one system, use the safety gate systems PSENsgate. This system offers a complete solution to suit all industrial categories. Download the multifunctional gate box information booklet for technical data & specifications.

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