Photoelectric Sensor Types

Photoelectric SensorWhether you’re after a single component for your existing machinery operations or looking for a reliable partner to design a new bespoke automation system, you can rely on the local expertise of Treotham. Our Auckland staff are factory trained in the latest innovations of our world class suppliers and can guarantee the most efficient designs in automation environments.

Types of Photoelectric Sensors

  • Photoelectric distance sensor – uses the principle of transit time to determine the distance between the sensors and object. Application examples include precision positioning, contour measurement and object counting applications.

  • Reflex sensors – this photoelectric proximity sensor works by recognising the reflected light and processes this as a switching signal. Application examples include presence checking, recording quantities and monitoring stacking heights.

  • Photoelectric light sensor – works by detecting objects between the sensor and a defined background. Applications include checking for presence of PET and glass bottles, detecting objects on conveyor belts and monitoring material flow in filling systems.

Find the Right Photoelectric Sensor

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