Types Of Igus Bearings

Treotham Automation supplies a wide range of igus spherical bearings to customers throughout New Zealand. In this article we list igus bearings we supply to the New Zealand market to assist you in determining the best bearing for your application requirements.

Treotham Automation has an Auckland based warehouse governed by a rigorous chain management system that enables fast and efficient delivery of orders for our NZ customers.

We are the exclusive distributor for many international product lines and strive to provide customers with access to world-class products from around the world.

Find out more about igus bearings including igus thrust bearings below. 10.5 Drylin

igus Bearing Range

igus bearings in our range include:

  • igus thrust bearing: igus thrust bearings are easy to install, have very good friction & wear properties and are used for compensation of misalignment errors and edge loads.
  • igus pillow block bearings: igus pillow block bearings are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, lubrication & maintenance free, electrically insulating, washable and non-magnetic.
  • igus polymer bearings: igus polymer bearings are lightweight, require no maintenance, are dirt resistant and have corrosion & lubrication free properties. They offer predictable and reliable operation to ensure your automation system operates with minimum downtime.
  • igus drylin bearings: igus linear bearings use high performance polymers (motion plastics) and operate on glide pads so they glide instead of roll. They are dry running (protecting them from exposure to grease and oil) which makes them maintenance free. igus Drylin bearings have a predictable service life, are quiet during operation and have no minimum stroke length restrictions.

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