Ultrasonic Sensor

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High Performance Industrial Ultrasonic Sensors Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

  • Ultrasonic reflex sensor – uses two independent switching outputs and is suited for monitoring minimum and maximum values for stack heights, distances and fill levels. These ultrasonic sensors can be used in synchronous as well as through beam operating modes.
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor – ideal for high accuracy usage applications in both short and long distances. The sensors are externally adjusted using the IO-Link interface using Teach-In and an OLED display. Depending on how they are set up, these ultrasonic distance sensors can be used in synchronous and multiplex mode.
  • Fork sensor for label detection – these ultrasonic detectors are able to detect labels of paper or plastic, printed or transparent regardless of the degree of transparency and other surface characteristics. They are able to be used to detect transparent labels on transparent base materials as well.

Find an Ultrasonic Sensor for Your Application

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