Cable Tracker & Carriers

For over 25 years, Treotham have been stocking & distributing the highest quality cables manufactured in Europe to the highest standards. Partnering with Lapp Group has allowed us to expand our stock holdings so we can quickly supply your requirements from one of our four warehouses across Australia.

Tracking Cables

Improve the management of your cables with our various cable tracker (Igus energy chains) systems. Depending on your application needs, we have Snapchain, Zipper and other products that offer a durable but flexible cable carrier track. Find out more about all of our available products by ordering a free catalogue.

Cable Carriers

Cable carriers can take many forms, from open-style chains to fully-enclosed tubes. Available in a variety of materials, a cable carrier can also be called a drag chain, CAT track, energy chain, etc.

Carriers provide an easy method of keeping electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and other lines of cables in their proper positions on equipment. Carriers also protect these cables from abrasion, snagging, entanglement and over-bending during machine movement. Specifically manufactured to be used in carriers, our Chainflex cables have numerous design features that guarantee their success for various applications. Durable even in the most extreme environmental conditions, these cables are ideal for cable carrier and guided cable systems.

Learn more about each cable carrier chain by downloading the Chainflex cables short-form catalogue.

Often an afterthought for equipment manufacturers, inappropriate carriers can quickly cost more than its initial price if it unexpectedly fails or if the conduit or cable prematurely wears out.

Cable Tracker and Carriers - Easy Chain

Cable Tracker and Carriers - Snapchain

Easy Chain Snapchain

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If you’re unsure what cable carrier or cable tracking system is most suitable for your application, contact your local Treotham team for personalised expert advice.

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