Strain relief elements

These can consist of standard elements or can be custom-made. For many applications, our standard programme of C-profiles with mounting brackets and space-saving chainfix clamps can be used. We also offer simple strain relief solutions using tiewrap plates and cable tiewraps. Ideally, the cables should be secured at both ends of the e-chain with strain relief. In a few cases, attachment to the moving end of the e-chain is sufficient.

Minimum gap between the strain relief and the beginning of the bend radius

Tests on our premises have shown that a strain relief component located close to the bend point of the e-chain has no adverse effect on the durability of chainflex cables. It is possible, therefore, to integrate the strain relief with the mounting bracket. We supply strain relief options, such as chainfix clamps or the space-saving tiewrap plate, for almost all e-chains.

Tested under realistic conditions, with account being taken of diverse parameters

Whether under the influence of fluids like water or oil, or at different ambient temperatures. The interaction of chainfix systems with different jacket materials of cables and hoses plays a big role in our in-house tests.

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