Precisely manufactured by LAPP Group, the V-90HT SC cable is a high temperature PVC insulated building / panel / cabinet wire.

This cable also has applications for numerous industries, such as:

  • Suitable for assembling cable harnesses and wiring in the switch cabinet installation
  • Used for installations in plants, devices, switch gear cabinets, where high temperatures occur

V-90HT SC Benefits and Features

  • The light weight and the practical hand holes in the spool packaging makes handling easy
  • Higher economy by optimum processing volumes
  • Flame retardant in acc. to VW -1, and IEC 60332-1-2
  • Wide temperature range up to 105°C

Technical Data

Specific Insulation Resistance

> 20 GOhm x cm

Conductor stranding

Fine wire acc. to VDE 0295 Cl.5 / IEC 60228 Cl.5

Minimum bending radius

Fixed installation: 3 x cable diameter


Nominal: U0/U: 600 / 1000 V

Test: 3000 V

Temperature range

-20°C to +105°C

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