3D Sensors

ShapeDrive 3D sensors work in accordance with the innovative, structured light principle. The sensors project several patterns onto the object to be measured and record them with a camera. The object is digitalized into a 3D point cloud by means of this process. Neither the sensor nor the object is in motion.

This optical 3D measuring technology generates high-resolution point clouds from which top-quality 3D images or high-contrast grey tone images can be generated. These recordings can be used to efficiently execute completeness checks, dimensional accuracy checks and surface inspections in the field of quality assurance. They serve as a basis for machine vision, for example in order to accurately control robots within 3D space in pick & place applications.

With a total of 16 innovative model variants and 8 measuring ranges, ShapeDrive offers maximum flexibility for scanning the smallest of components on PCBs, or complete production lots on Euro pallets. The portfolio is broken down into two series: ShapeDrive MLAS for small measuring volumes and ShapeDrive MLBS for large measuring volumes. Each of these series is available with 5 or 12 megapixel camera resolution.

Application examples:

  • Solder paste inspection
  • PCB inspection
  • Component inspection
  • Object digitalization
  • Bin picking
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