Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

High-performance distance sensors impress with their high accuracy at both short and long distances.

The sensors are adjusted externally or via the IO-Link interface using Teach-In and an OLED display.

If several high-performance distance sensors are in operation in the immediate vicinity, you can choose between synchronous and multiplex mode. In synchronous mode, all synchronized sensors send out ultrasound pulses simultaneously. As a result, object detection is possible over a wider area. In multiplex mode, the sensors send their ultrasonic pulses alternately, so that sensors which are mounted side by side do not interact with each other.
The detection mode is especially useful in preventing measurement results from being influenced by interfering objects: the ultrasonic sensor distinguishes between the best, closest and broadest signal and can select the appropriate signal for the application.
Adjusting the threshold value allows the sensitivity of the ultrasonic sensor to be determined. The higher the chosen threshold, the less sensitive the sensor is to interfering sound waves. This function can be combined with detection mode.

Application examples:

  • Distance monitoring
  • Fill level measurement (min./max.)
  • Measuring of bulk solids
  • Measuring stacking height
  • Quality testing
  • Sag control for sheet products
  • Presence monitoring
  • Object selection
  • Steel coil measurement
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