Wenglor’s OCR Readers provide for quick and reliable recognition of data, characters and text in a very small housing. They decipher all alphabetical characters and numbers in all languages. Logos, character combinations, image fragments and printed markings can also be immediately detected after just a single teach-in procedure. Best-before dates and serial numbers are read out quickly and reliably. Characters to be scanned can be printed, needled, embossed or dotted. Objects are recognized regardless of position and skew. The working range can be individually defined as well, and interfering image areas can be suppressed. The Wenglor OCR Reader can thus be used with any background.

weQubeOCR unites innumerable features into a single, high-performance platform. With its intelligent, modular software concept, weQube adapts itself to your situation whenever required and is the ideal solution for meeting all your needs.

weQubeOCR – the character recognition package – is available in hardware variants equipped with auto-focus or C mount threaded connection.

Application examples:

  • Reading all characters and numbers of all languages
  • Reading character combinations, image fragments and print marks
  • Reading expiration dates
  • Reading serial and batch numbers
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