Colour Sensors

Wenglor Colour Sensors differentiate amongst the finest of colour nuances faster and more accurately than the human eye. They reliably select coloured objects in automated high-speed processes based on previously defined reference colours. The sensors' pulsed white light is insensitive against extraneous light and makes reliable colour recognition possible even with a fluctuating scanning distance. Their diverse range of possible applications, for example in the automotive, packaging, textile and printing industries, make them a valuable tool for inline quality assurance.

The spectral composition of the colours of objects can be measured and metamerism effects can be compensated for with the P1XF001 6-channel multispectral sensor. Innovative colour chip technology divides the selected colour spectrum into six spectral ranges (ROYGBV colour space: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet) with separately adjustable tolerance ranges. In combination with fiber-optic cables, the sensor adapts itself to the specific requirements of any given application and can be operated in the scanning as well as the through-beam mode. The P1XF001 is equipped with twelve switching outputs and integrated LED technology, which automatically ensures ideal adjustment of light intensity. Sensor settings can be selected directly at the graphical display (OLED), via the RS-232 port or via the IO-Link interface.

The OFP401P0189 True Colour Sensor detects the finest of colour nuances despite distance changes of up to 10 mm. Three colours can be taught in simultaneously and read out as RGB or HSL colour values via the RS-232 port. With its single-lens optics, the sensor accurately detects objects over large working ranges. Settings can be configured conveniently via the teach-in function or with Teach2 software.

Application examples:

  • Detection of colour markings on print marks, labels and packages
  • Sorting of objects according to colour
  • LED function control
  • Checking of Colour values for painting operations
  • Monitoring of degrees of ripeness for fruit
  • Spectral measurement of colours in printing processes
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