E4/4HD - High fill weight with long travels

The E4/4 system is employed in two areas: with extremely long travels and unsupported, side-mounted applications. This is made possible by the famous "undercut" design between two chain links. Compressive strength and rigidity are increased, which provides for greater resistance to wet and rough weather conditions. Special roller chain links make E4/4 into a true specialist for long travel distances. The undercut design also allows excellent ESD performance. The chain links always fit tightly together; only when there is good contact between them it is possible for electricity to flow (please note: this only applies to the special conductive material igumid ESD and does not apply to the standard series included in this catalogue).

  • Inner height: 56 to 80mm

  • Crossbars every link: crossbars removable along the inner and outer radius

  • High stability

  • For especially demanding applications

  • Ideal for heavy duty applications

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