e-skin ® - Cleanroom energy supply

The production of microchips, flat screens, implants, pharmaceutical products or micro- and nano-products would be inconceivable without a clean, pure or high-purity manufacturing environment. Any contamination has a direct negative impact on products and processes and costs a lot of money to the manufacturer.
For the area of energy supply, igus has therefore developed a modular corrugated tube and a flat cable guidance system for cleanrooms. They supply machines with data, media and energy and minimise abrasion. As a result, there are no particles that can get into the air. Delimiting rules are adhered to and contamination is avoided.

The e-skin is a hose consisting of an upper and lower shell that form a sealed tube when connected to each other. It consists of igumid SK, a polymer material developed specifically for this. The simple and reclosable opening mechanism enables easy maintenance and inspection of the installed cables. Operating temperature +10°C / +50°C.
Typical applications: Fast, short, unsupported applications, standing and hanging applications, pick & place applications, printers, medical technology and all machines where corrugated tubes are used, display and semiconductor production

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