triflex R - Retraction systems for axes 3-6

triflex® RS dresspack is a very compact universal module that is mounted on fastening points available on the robot. The low installation height and the triflex® R chain guide parallel to the robotic arm, applications with extremely narrow installation space can also be implemented. triflex® RS dresspack with integrated pull-back spring is an excellent option to reliably implement the energy supply system on the robot head without cable stress.
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1: A space-saving module that can be quickly mounted on industrial robots
2: Integrated pull-back spring prevents loop formation
3: Dead stop for defined freedom of motion
4: Mounting brackets for reliable fastening
5: Gliding feed-through for a narrow and parallel guide on the robotic arm

  • Standard pack for all applications, immediately installable
  • Integrated retaining spring
  • First choice for robotic applications with narrow installation room
  • Saves space through low installation height and close routing on robotic arm
  • Excellent service life
  • Universal use

The following optimal properties of triflex® R are also available in the universal triflex® RS dresspack module:

  • Installation advantages: triflex® R can be extended or shortened, chain link by chain link
  • Easy to fill from the outside (TRE)
  • Fixed bending radius stop to prevent "cable stress"
  • High torsionability, up to 360° (TRC.70)
  • Clean interior separation, thanks to the two-chamber system
  • Free from getting stuck in the interfering edges (TRC)
  • High tensile strength thanks to the ball-socket connection (trailer principle)
  • Maintenance-free, without lubrication
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