1D/2D Code Scanners

1D/2D code scanners read any code after simple pressing a key – whether printed, lasered, etched or directly marked (DPM). As a system supplier, Wenglor also offers fully networked solutions in which codes are reliably scanned regardless of the position of the object.

  • Thanks to integrated code reconstruction and global shutter technology, weQubeDecode scannerseven decipher damaged and poorly legible codes at high speeds of up to 2.5 meters per second. A separate communication processor permits data transmission via the Industrial Ethernet interfaces without time delay. The expandable, modular software concept can be flexibly adapted to new requirements and includes numerous features such as 3D tracking, Teach+ and match-code comparison.
  • C5KC and C5PC scannersare designed for stationary use and don’t require any additional configuration software in order to read 1D/2D codes. The scanners are automatically optimized for use with the respective codes by means of the auto-setup function, integrated auto-focus and newly developed decoding algorithms. Settings can be further refined via the intuitively laid out user interface of the Wenglor WebLink for the deciphering of damaged and high-resolution codes. The small format is ideally suited for use in compact machines.
  • FIS-6801 scannersbelong to the stationary scanner series. Best possible image sharpness is achieved through the use of a special liquid lens and code reconstruction, even for damaged or distorted codes. Codes can even be reliably and quickly deciphered at varying distances. The integrated illumination unit ensures that codes can be read quickly and reliably even on matte, glossy, bright and dark surfaces.
  • FIS-0004is a series of stationary scanners of minimal size which can read all barcodes with a minimum resolution of 0.08 mm and all 2D codes with a minimum resolution of 0.13 mm.

Application examples:

  • Omnidirectional scanning
  • Scanning millimetre-sized codes at high conveyor speeds of up to 2.5 m/s
  • Application in ESD areas
  • Networked scanning
  • Access to Ethernet systems
  • Reading DPM codes
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