Complex vision applications can be implemented with Wenglor vision systems. Wenglor’s VisionSystem2D consists of up to 16 digital cameras, commercially available C mount lenses, external illumination and a control unit for evaluation. The cameras are available with various resolution classes and high quality image chips from Sony’s Pregius series with Global Shutter. In combination with lenses which have various fixed focal-lengths, ring lights, spotlights and backlights in various formats ensure best possible illumination – because precision recordings within the application are only possible under ideal lighting conditions. The associated uniVision software installed to the high-performance control unit provides numerous image evaluation options without the need for any programming knowledge at all.

Application examples:

  • Presence check
  • Dimensional accuracy check
  • Object counting and sorting
  • Colour comparison
  • Deciphering of barcodes and 2D codes
  • Recognition of all alphabetical characters and numbers in all languages
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