Muting sets consist of muting sensors and brackets that create a fully integrated muting station together with safety light arrays or safety light curtains. The bridging feature allows for objects to be transported through the hazardous area of a machine or system. The following muting variants are available:

Cross muting: The beams of two muting sensors are arranged across from one another. With this alignment, it is possible to transport material in and out of the hazardous area.

Two sensor linear muting: In this mode, the light beams of the muting sensors are arranged in parallel. The sensors are located within the safety zone and are thus protected against manipulation. Linear muting is only permitted for transporting material out of the secured area.

Four sensor linear muting (sequence monitoring/time monitoring): This mode is designed for transporting material in or out of the hazardous area. 4-sensor linear muting with sequence monitoring verifies whether the muting sensors are activated in the correct sequence. 4-sensor linear muting with time monitoring also reviews the time necessary for this.
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